• Collagen R&D Center

  • Bioink

    Bioinks can be use safely in 3D printers with high purity and custom made formulations for spesific applications.

  • Biomolecules

    We prepare natural collagen in concentrations to be prepared according to your request or dried by lyophilization. Thus, we make it possible to create your own bioinks for your unique applications.

R&D Center

Collagen R&D focuses on developing the latest technologies for high quality, pure, and standardized collagen. It is committed to contribute to the advancement of science by improving the most advanced applications and the purest form of collagen.

The Purest Forms of
Gelatin and Collagen

We transform collagen and gelatin molecules into their purest and highest quality forms with special methods, make it easier for researchers by synthesizing bioinks with excellent functions.

Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM)

Tissues are dynamic structures that created by multiple cell types, an extracellular matrix and various signal molecules. Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) is a much crucial component in the cellular microenvironment and forms up a three-dimensional web. ECM with various architectural forms and compositions in different textures is a complex 3D network mainly composed of collagen.

Tissue Scaffolds

Collagen creates an environment for the organization of tissues and the attachment of cells. In addition, collagen ECM are is a dynamic systems that affects cell behavior that transmits biochemical and mechanical signals from the micro-environment to the cells. Developing tissue-specific scaffolds with a complex hierarchy of natural tissues may be insufficient in tissue engineering applications. The final three-dimensional printing shape is obtained by adding layers of materials. It is a valuable tool in the fabrication of biomimetic scaffolds with desired properties and well-controlled architecture.

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